What are you giving up for Valentines’s Day?

So to be fair, just because it feels or sounds uncomfortable to me doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not beneficial.  With that thought in mind, I felt the Lord wanted me to seriously consider this idea of giving up something for Lent.


6 Tips For Teaching A Toddler to Pray

Very early in life my mother taught us to seek God's help in prayer when facing any type of trial of struggle.  I am forever grateful that she lived in front of us a fervent prayer life setting the example of dependence on the Lord

What wilts

So the question this morning was how to destroy speculations? sure I can do that uuuuhhhh whats a speculation? It's what you hear from "the other side" Ya know, the smug sarcastic zinger that sounds smart and sounds like truth. But under the Light wilts... If you're anything like me you're thinking, um, yeah, I…

9 things to be thankful for when you don’t feel gratitude

Are there times when you just don’t feel grateful? I had one of those days recently. I didn’t feel anything much except tired and sad. Yup, depression was crawling up my emotional spine. However, that day’s assignment[1] was to create a prayer of thanksgiving based on Psalm 28:7.  My thoughts breathed out a heavy sigh.…

“Where’s Waldo”!

Remember the visual puzzle books of Where's Waldo?   The idea of those mesmerizing annoying books is to search a page jammed with images of people on the quest to find the skinny guy in the red striped shirt and "John Lennon" style glasses.  Mesmerizing because I can't stop myself from trying to find this strange little…

The Royal Way

“I just don’t understand!” How many times a day do we think or say that?  Taking a closer look at the passage above, I was stunned by that second phrase, “lean not on your own understanding” Having a source to blame or reason that explains can makes annoyances and trials a little easier to bear. But I think God is telling me and you that there are trials in this life that we just won’t understand.  That very uncertainty is what propels us to trust Him and hang on tight.  He’s directing the path we are on and it is going to get bumpy!