7 Truths About the Proverbs 31 Wife; It’s Not What You Think!

Culture today seeks to enlighten women to the fact that they have strength as if this were a new idea. Here, in one of the oldest documents of recorded history, is God telling women the foundation of excellence for a woman is her strength!


Identifying Your Relationship Mentor; Becoming One

I have had the honor of be blessed and mentored by many women in my life, beginning with my beloved mother and grandmother, my sisters, sister-in-love, aunts, cousins, friends. I now am privileged to be in that role for other women. The Practical Educator, Xandy DeLaney Whitman, my beloved niece. Ladies of all ages, we are commanded to…

What are you giving up for Valentines’s Day?

So to be fair, just because it feels or sounds uncomfortable to me doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not beneficial.  With that thought in mind, I felt the Lord wanted me to seriously consider this idea of giving up something for Lent.

Our Ace in the Hole

There are sooo many times that I don't know what to do.  I'm sure that's something everyone can relate to.  This gem of a verse is my go to, my ace in the hole, if you will.  Dictionary.com defines that as "an advantage or resource kept back until the proper opportunity presents itself".   In my life the proper opportunity presents itself ALL THE TIME!  

Attitude Determines Our Altitude

Dynamite comes in small packages. Powerful truths in a short and sweet blog!

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

Our attitude determines if we have abundant life or merely exist. When we keep our eyes focused on God, his love for us, his faithfulness, and his tender care and provision for us, we will have joy that bubbles out of us and heals. Laughing and enjoying the simple things brings health. Also, reading and meditating on God’s promises to us in the Bible, makes us cheerful. In contrast, when we think on the negative, the things that have gone wrong, our hurts, focus on the problems, and embrace hopelessness, our bones dry out, then we deal with sickness and depression.

Will you choose to have another thought, change your focus o the Problem Solver and think on how much God loves you?

A joyful, cheerful heart brings healing to both body and soul.
But the one whose heart is crushed
struggles with sickness and depression. (Proverbs…

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A Prayer For Times When Anxiety Leaves One Paralyzed

Opening my self up, laying my soul bare before the Lord may sound scary but it's truly the safest place my heart can be. The Lord holds in His loving hand our vulnerable breakable hearts.

More Info on the New Video Game

 If any of my readers like video games or know someone who does, please pass this on to them! Thanks so much! Joseph John Wade October 2 at 3:57 PM ·  ***EARLY ACCESS TESTERS WANTED*** I'm so excited to share this. I've been developing my first game for several months now, and I'm just about ready…

Development Log – 10/02/18

Any of my readers video game fans, this is my son’s blog for a new video game he’s developing. It’s really cool!


Whats working (mostly):

– In game stop watch for scoring speed

– Scoring in general is working, and the high score is tracked per user session

– Weapons shoot and damage enemies

-All animations are working at this time

-End game portal is working, and triggers the proper menu

-All menus that exist work

-Projectiles are actually shot from the gun. Right now it’s a bullet with casing, but whatever. Hits are still raycast and will be switched over to full bullet mechanics later.

-Weapon rarity. It exists, but is SUPER clunky, and will not be making an appearance anytime soon.

Whats Not Working:

-I don’t really like the current movement. Seems like a weird mix between too floaty, and the arms themselves aren’t “natural”.

– You can walk through the walls of the arena. Not great for “containment”.

-Physics. Still no idea what my goal is with the spawned…

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You Are Not Condemned

Another really effective tactic by the enemy is to whisper lies into the ears of the believer, usually disguised as the person's own voice. It sounds something like this, "you are inadequate, you will never be good enough, if others ever knew the real you, they'd reject you, you are a poser, etc. ad nauseum."